Change Plan

Our “Change Plan” service provides you with a comprehensive plan to deliver your change responses to your contextual change invitation successfully. We understand that each organization has unique strengths, challenges, dependencies, and constraints. Therefore, we will work with you and your leadership team to develop a practical and actionable change navigation plan that meets your specific conditions and needs.

We will share an outline of the plan and collaborate with you to build out the details. If your change journey requires a roadmap, we will create this jointly. In addition, we will explore change risks, develop mitigation options, and define change impacts and critical success factors.

With this service, we will also develop a change governance and a team structure with clear roles and responsibilities. We will work closely with you to review your internal talent and assess areas where additional capabilities may be required to achieve your change goals.

We will document your change navigation plan. This will include stakeholder engagement and narrative suggestions. We will provide you with our recommendations for successful delivery and suggest next steps in your change journey.